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At Precision K9 Work Austin, we come to work everyday and train your dog – with one crucial goal in mind.


To strengthen the bond between dog and owner. We understand every dog in Austin is different and what’s right for one dog may not be right for yours. Whether your dog is jumping on the couch, chewing your favorite pair of shoes, barking at every delivery man that comes to the door, or if you just want to start your dog on the right track with some obedience training, Precision K9 Work is here to help.

From new puppies to “old dogs” we’ve seen every problem under the sun and have years of experience dog training Austin to behave like the best friend you envisioned when you first brought them home. We’ve trained hundreds of dogs to be lovable pets, valuable members of the law enforcement community, and everything in between.

But don’t take our word for it, check out our reviews and read what our happy clients have said about the Precision K9 Work experience.


Call or email us right now to speak with one of our Austin dog trainers and behaviorists at (512) 927-9443 and make your dog the well-behaved pet you’d like him to be!
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All Dogs Should be Well-behaved

We can help you learn to train your dog to fit your lifestyle.  Our goal is to train you to train your dog to fit your needs.  Owning a dog should be enjoyable, and training your dog will increase your pleasure in ownership.

Our instructors have had experience with a wide variety of dogs and can help you with behavior problems, health care, grooming tips, and showing, as well as proven training methods.  All dogs, purebred and mixed, are welcome in our classes.

Jake is patient and thorough.
He is training me and my dog.

– Kim Vernon

Our Austin Dog Training Philosophy

Every dog is unique and has its own personality, learning ability and temperament. Some have a short attention span, are hyper and may seem stubborn whereas others have an easy-going, eager to please temperament. Some dogs are fearful or shy and have to build self-confidence, where others need to get a little “attitude” adjustment. We have successfully used training methods that work with a wide variety of dogs and owners. We modify our techniques to suit the individuals needs.

All of our Austin area dog trainers have a thorough understanding of all training methods. During the Free Training or Behavior Evaluation, we will evaluate which training method is best suited for your dogs temperament, learning ability, and current problems.

Our training methods are based on an understanding of how animals learn and how dogs communicate with each other. We teach you how to communicate with your dog so you will have a long lasting and happy relationship with him or her. We strongly encourage voice training, as your voice is the only tool you have with you at all times!

Austin area dog trainers

We believe that a qualified trainer is capable of adjusting training methods to suit the individual dog’s and owner’s needs. It is not possible to fit one training method to all temperaments, breeds and issues dogs are experiencing. Therefore, we prefer to evaluate your dog first to determine which method is best suited to get the results you are looking for.

Our Austin training programs for dogs are recommended by area Veterinarians, Breeders, Groomers and Pet Owners. We have clients not only coming from the Round Rock, Cedar Park and Austin area, but also from all over Central Texas. Our extensive experience with behavioral cases and very high success rate is worth the travel time!

Jake Wright – Head trainer and Owner
Allie – Office manager
Roger – Trainer
Anna – Trainer

Dog Training Austin Texas

From basic dog obedience training to off leash training to basic Austin puppy training. We also work with you on aggressive dogs to slightly altering behavior. Join any of our classes.

Behavior Modification

With basic obedience we help you understand the bad behavior. With this understanding it will help you make small modifications to promote positive results.

Dog School Austin

We offer a free evaluation so that we can meet the trainer and allows us to gauge the dog’s temperament and personality. This will allow us to provide recommendations.

Board And Train

Are you going out of town or selling your home. We will board your dog. We provide 100% supervision to all dogs when outside and playing. Drop off and pick up service available!