Changing behavior on the leash – Going for a walk

24 Oct Changing behavior on the leash – Going for a walk

Teaching leash skills.

Many dogs get REALLY excited the moment their owner picks up the leash. This over excitement can make it difficult to get the leash on the dog and often times sets the tone for how the dog will walk once they get outside the house. Here are some easy steps to follow to start changing your dogs behavior about the leash.
-This process can take some patience at first, but is worth it in the long run.
-First pick up the leash – when Fido starts spinning in circles, jumping around or barking, set the leash back down and walk away ( You will want to ignore this erratic behavior ). This step can be repeated 5 times in 10 minutes, your pup will get a little calmer each time( You may need to repeat this step more before moving forward ). Each time their energy is a little lower give some calm verbal praise! Its okay for you pup to be a little excited, but a manageable level of excited because the   “OH MY GOSH WE ARE GOING FOR A WALK!!!” level of excitement is actually stressful for the dog and can get them “amped up” before heading out into the world of distractions. When you are ready to attach the leash have your dog go into a sit, if they jump up as you start to attach the leash move away and have them sit again. Once your pup remains sitting for the leash to be clipped, take a few moments to require your dog to hold the sit after the leash is on. Praise them for being calm, and then reward them a nice walk!
Remember this initial behavior is also taught by us when we reward the dog for a walk after their excitement. If you can follow these steps consistently every time you put the leash, by the end of the week your dogs behavior will change. Making the task of putting on the leash less stressful, for both you and the dog.

Cortnie Pedraza


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