Finding the best clicker for training – Vlog

10 May Finding the best clicker for training – Vlog

Clicker Training is a great way to teach a dog behavior. The behavior for example can be sit, down, come, or it can even be used to teach unwanted behavior, etc. The reason the clicker is such a great training tool is because it helps our timing when communicating with our dogs. It also carries a consistent sound every time we use it. This imprints the dog on a distinct sound, which means reward. This type of teaching is known as “classical conditioning“. Soon after we begin it becomes “operant conditioning“. What we then begin to create is a dog who wants to learn new behaviors.  A big misconception about clicker training is that it will be used forever. This is not true. Once a behavior is learned with a voice command, there is no need to use the clicker, as the dog understands the behavior.

Many trainers use the clicker, however its not the only tool that can be used. Having a diverse understanding of all training tools is helpful.


You may notice a variety of clickers at your local pet store, however its important to choose the right one.

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