Keep Dogs from Getting Bored in Cold Weather

21 Nov Keep Dogs from Getting Bored in Cold Weather

Are you enjoying our snap of Spring?

I know my dogs are after being cooped up!  After several months of cold weather, most people start to get a little bored and stir crazy having to stay inside so much. Dogs are no different.

They don’t like to have their outside playtime or walks shortened. And, if they have to get bundled up in booties and jackets as we do then I’m sure they’re dreaming of springtime too.

Spring is here for a few days but if you know Austin as well as I do,  you know we’ll be getting more cold weather for sure.

So how can we keep the dogs from getting bored, and in some case destructive, during the long winter months?

First, try extra attention.

Sometimes all it takes to help with boredom is a little extra attention.

Whether it’s extra time spent cuddling, being brushed, or even running errands, you’re doing these things together, and that’s enough to make any dog happy.

Together time is essential even if you’re just in the same room. After all, dogs are pack animals!

Second, make meal times work.

When a dog is fed using a buster cube, kong or slobowl they have to work to get to their food.

The mental workout they get from that will tire them out a bit. And, by having several different feeders and alternating them, you’ll ensure your dog has a challenge at every meal.

Third, use tools.

In addition to having your dog work for their food, you can have them work for their treats.

There are so many different types of puzzle toys, and they have different levels of difficulty. If you feel crafty, you can even make your own!

And, don’t forget playtime with toys. A good game of tug, fetch or some jumps and running after a flirt pole is sure to burn off some energy.

Fourth, learn new things.

To get their bodies moving and their brains humming try working in obedience and if they’ve mastered that work on learning tricks.

There are plenty of books on the market and different websites which will show you how to train for a particular trick.

If you don’t want to do that at home and on your own, join a class together for trick training. Or give agility or flyball a try.

Fifth, start socializing.

Who doesn’t love to socialize?

Dogs are social creatures, and most love the chance to get out and about and meet new people.

Lucky for them they can go into PetSmart or Petco and even into Home Depot or Lowe’s.

If you do your research where you live you’ll find plenty of other dog-friendly shops and restaurants. When not busy helping you pick out what to eat or what purchases to make your dog could be participating in indoor playgroups.

Making new friends and meeting up with old ones is a fun way to pass the colder days.

Winter doesn’t have to be boring for you or your dog if you have a plan for those colder days. And, before you know it you’ll be looking for indoor activities to beat the heat!

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