Austin’s Top 10 dog Adoption Services

26 Jul Austin’s Top 10 dog Adoption Services

Top 10 Dog Adoption Services

Here is a list we have compiled your you to use to find your new best 4 legged friend. We are not partners, nor sponsor any of these services or companies. We just are giving your the resources to find your new dog. Once you adopt your pet – training your new furry friend would be ideal. We conduct classes and home evaluation.


Austin Bully Butt

1600 Eagle Wing Drive Cedar Park, TX 78613

Austin Bully Butt is owned and managed by Steve and Bethany. This adoption facility is an English Bulldog rescue service aiming to find the best-fitted owners of their dogs. So instead of you picking your future dog, they conduct and interview and match you with one of their dogs that you can bring home.


Austin Pets Alive

1156 West Cesar Chavez, Austin, TX 78703


Austin Pets Alive started operating since 2008 aiming to achieve a no-kill nation. They raise awareness and money to help support the animals until they find their new family. This adoption facility has saved over 25,000 pets.


Austin Dog Rescue


Austin Dog’s mission is to rescue mixed-breed dogs that don’t have homes within the areas of Central Texas. They take care of these dogs until they are being adopted. They have been successfully operating and fostering dogs since 2006.


Central Texas SPCA

909 S. Bagdad Road Leander, TX 78641

Central Texas SPCA or Central Texas Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is an adoption center situated in Leander Texas. As soon as you visit their facility, you’ll find lots of pets open for adoption. They’re not funded by the government but through adoption fees and donations.


Austin Humane Society

124 W. Anderson Lane, Austin, Texas 78752

This no-kill, non-profit adoption center is aiming to find new home and owner for homeless dogs, cats, and rabbits. This is being run by the city of Austin, and through neutering and spaying of homeless pets, they have helped minimized the over-population of them.


Austin Animal Center

A, 7201 Levander Loop, Austin, TX 78702

Largest no kill canine shelter in Austin. They provide a large variety or dogs for adoption. Their goal is to match up every single dog with their new forever home. They have several locations. Be sure to visit the website to see which facility is closest to you.


If you are a pit lover and would love to adopt one, Love A Bull is perfect for you. Love-A-Bull is 100% volunteer run. They raise awareness to inform the general public about how to take care of this breed [and even Pit mixes], the proper way.


Wags & Licks


Wags & Licks is a non-profit organization that takes in homeless, and kill-shelter dogs and takes care of them. They make an effort to train these dogs and bond with them once they’re ready, they promote them at local stores for them to find their new home.


Pawsitive Karma Rescue


Pawsitive Karma Rescue is a 100% foster and volunteer-based rescue center. Their facility is a bit different because they do not have a shelter facility but pulls an animal from the local kill shelters and places them in a foster home right away. As soon as the pet is adopted they pull another animal from the kill shelter.


Forgotten Friends


This is a privately-owned dog shelter that foster dogs from kill shelters and takes care of them until they find their forever homes. They started providing temporary homes for these dogs in 1999. They aim to save more dog lives and bring happiness to adopter families.

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