Aidi Training

About This Breed

aidi dog breed

In order to make sure you understand the Aidi dog training methods described in this article, please have a look at the general characteristics of this dog breed. The medium-sized Aidi is an energetic and playful dog. Originally bread as a herd dog, the Aidi is a great watch dog and is very protective of those he considers part of the pack. Firm and kind training, combined with the positive reinforcement technique, will help you teach your dog the basic commands and also enable you to go with him through some advanced training. An unruly dog is hard to connect to and will offer its owner a good share of difficulties and problems. If possible, training should start at a very early age, but older dogs may also receive proper training if the owner has patience as a virtue. Let’s have a look at the basic SIT and LAY DOWN commands that should be the first sequences your dog learns


Teach your Aidi dog the SIT command training in Austin

  1. Start the training by verbalizing the word SIT every time your dog sits. The puppy will soon start to make a connection between his action and the word.
  2. By getting down to floor level you are less threatening and will be closer to reward the dog. This greatly improves the bond between owner and dog and it represents a vital step in any Aidi dog training program
  3. Have a treat ready and bring it above the dog’s head. The smell of the treat and the natural curiosity of the puppy will make your Aidi dog look at your hand  and this forces him o her to backup and hopefully sit.
  4. When this happens, give the command SIT again and reward the dog with the treat. Do not give the puppy the treat randomly only do it when he successfully sits down.
  5. Praise your dog as a bonus after giving him the treat. Soon, the puppy will begin to form a strong association between the praise, treat and the verbal command (SIT) and response to such commands will be more and more prompt.
  6. Repetition will help the dog learn faster, but never overdo it only repeat this a few times per session (one session each day).


Aidi dog training in Austin – the LAY DOWN command

  1. Get the dog or puppy to sit
  2. Give the down command on a firm but non threatening voice while gently forcing his legs out in front  a motion that will cause the Aidi to lay down.
  3. Verbally praise your dog.
  4. Repeat the exercise and make sure that the dog stays in the lay down position a little longer than before.
  5. Repeat the training steps a few times, but be careful not to go beyond a certain limit. Aidi dog training requires you to instruct the dog to obey commands while not getting the dog bored.