Alaskan malamute training

About This Breed

The Alaskan malamute dog training program needs to be performed firmly and while the dog is a puppy. This dog is a very rigorous one, calm, well balanced, loving, resistant and very independent. The Alaskan malamute dog is the biggest and the heaviest sled dog. They look very nice, with a proud expression, big head, and small brown eyes. Its body is well built up and powerful, covered with an abundant fur, which protects the animal against frost and bad weather. Their fur is in three colors, white, grey, black and white and dark grey with red, underneath. The Alaskan malamute dog training needs to be done with great attention because this type of dog is a very independent one, which makes it a little bit hard to train.

How to train Alaskan malamute dog in Austin

The Alaskan malamute dog training lessons are meant to be done especially for the dog’s well being and also for the relationship between the dog and owner, more than for the owner himself. We talk about here the dog’s health, happiness, content and the general well being of the dog. You might ask why, well, because a well-trained dog is healthier, happier and, pure and simple, has a better life in comparison with an untrained dog. Training an Alaskan malamute dog, in the most proper way, means a lot of joy and fun for the owner and also both of them can make more interesting things, having new experiences and a more eventful relationship. Alaskan malamute dog training offers the dog’s owner a spectacular feedback by having a more loving, loyal and devoted dog because its life will be highly improved. People who are interested in finding out how to train an Alaskan malamute dog can get information from different specialized dog training books, compact disks, dog training

Basic Alaskan malamute dog training commands in Austin

SIT is the first command that a dog needs to learn and that can be done with the help of the dog collar and the dog leash, which are put around the dog’s neck. These items are normally handled by the person who is training the dog or by the owner himself. The owner must involve himself in the training process, getting the proper information, about how to train the Alaskan malamute dog, directly from a specialist. The dog is taught how to sit by pulling up the leash at the same time with pushing the dog’s back, in order for him to understand the command. It is important that the trainer verbally asks the command while acting the dog leash.

Training an Alaskan malamute dog the STAY command is done almost the same as the SIT position, except for the way of handling the dog leash. It is very important that the dog gets lauds when taking the right position by itself.

The LIE DOWN command can be learned by the dog by practicing the position in question over and over again when it is asked to. The trainer needs to handle the leash in such a way that the dog obeys and acts accordingly. First, the dog will be pushed down gently by pressing its shoulders until he reacts positively. After he responds to this command with help, then the Alaskan malamute can be taught the same position without the help of pushing its shoulders down, only by handling the leash in a diagonal way, whilst the trainer verbally asks it to lie down.

STAND is the last basic order that any dog should be taught to execute. Alaskan malamute dog training stand command follows the same rules as the above ones, only that, for this time, the trainer needs to pull the leash forward while he gives the command. It is needed that the dog stays in the position around 20 seconds, if not then the trainer has to pull the leash in the other way, in order to make the dog stand.