Alp Mastiff Training

About This Breed

alp mastiff trainingThe alp mastiff dog takes part in the large group of Mastiffs, which have a robust body, short neck, and muzzle, heavy bones and pendant years. This large group is also called Molosser and includes several numbers of dog breeds. The Alp Mastiff dog training is very important because it transforms the dog into a safer and better companion. At the end of any training lessons, the dog will have to be more obedient, more cooperative and the relationship between the dog and its master has to become closer and closer. The Alp Mastiff dog training includes 13 dressage elements, such as discipline, rewarding, getting used to the dog collar and the dog leash, pace walking from the leash, calling the dog, forbidding command, controlling the aggressiveness while eating, sit, stay, lie down and stand commands, socializing the dog with public places, changing directions and pace, the waiting command, not listening to the commands given by strangers and the food refusing.

How to train an Alp Mastiff dog in Austin

Training the Alp Mastiff dog is supposed to start with the basic commands and then with other more sophisticated ones. The Alp Mastiff dog training courses have some tips that need to be followed by the trainer in order to be able to dressage the dog properly. The first thing that any trainer needs to do when wanting to start a training lesson, is to make the dog attentive to the commands. The Alp Mastiff dog training attention command can be done by just simply calling the dog’s name and then saying: watch or look. After a while, the dog will comprehend these verbal words and will get attentive to the trainer as soon as he gives the command. After that, the dressage lessons can start. The techniques about how to train an Alp Mastiff dog can be found very easily, even in specialized books, on different internet websites, DVDs, compact disks, television and also on local dog trainers.

Basic Alp Mastiff dog training commands in Austin

The Alp Mastiff dog training methods are all based on positive strengthening, mainly due to the fact that this way the dog will get more and more self-confidence and will get more attached to its master.

  • SIT is a basic command that will be given to the dog during the first training lessons. First, the trainer has to put the dog collar and the dog leash around the animal’s neck. By having these two items, trainers can make dogs stay in the right position while asking them verbally to do that. The results on how to train an Alp Mastiff dog are going to be observed only after the dog will be able to associate the verbal command with the position in question. During the sitting command, the trainer will haul the leash up while pushing the dog down until it sits. After exercising the command, the dog will be able to do it by itself.
  • STAY first you have to ask your dog to sit. Then, ask it to stay while keeping the leash above its head and standing right before it. If the dog wants to get up, then pull the leash upwards until the dog sits again. Hold the leash pretty high so the dog will not be able to lie down in a comforting way.
  • LIE DOWN this order can be done either by using the dog leash item or using the hand of the trainer/owner. First, the Alp Mastiff dog is asked to lie down with the trainer’s help. To be more exact, this person will have to press down the dog’s shoulders so it will be forced to lie down. After that, the dog will be asked to execute the same order by having the leash pulled towards its back diagonally. The most important thing when asking the dog to execute any command is to praise it verbally or to offer it the most favorite food.
  • STAND is the last basic command, which follows the same rules as the previous orders. The command will use the leash, as well, while the trainer asks verbally the command. The leash will be pulled forward so that the dog will have to stand.