Bakharwal Training

About This Breed

The Bakharwal dog was bred in the Pir Panjal Mountains, India, and it has been known as a working breed. These dogs are very agile, strong and powerful, that is why they are used for protection and as guardians. It has other seven alternative names, such as Kashmir Sheepdog, Bakarwal mastiff, Kashmiri Bakharwal dog, Gujjar Watchdog and Kashmiri Mastiff. The Bakharwal dog training will allow this kind of dog to become very loyal, devoted, protective and very serious. Due to its muscular development and its agility, the Bakharwal dog is used for following the sheep flocks and the goats. This dog is a very hard working animal that is why it is being used a lot for different works by its master. The Bakharwal dog training lessons are supposed to encourage and to increase the dog’s self-confidence and resistance, as well.

How to Train a Bakharwal Dog in Austin

It is an entire dog dressage strategy about how to train a Bakharwal dog and how to deal with different dog breeds and temperaments. It is very well know that dogs don’t need to be forced to do things they don’t want to, just because we want so. We need to develop their curiosity and to make them cooperate without being pushed. The Bakharwal dog training doesn’t use cruelty or any other harshness just to make the dog obey. Many people and especially trainers know that using inhumanity in training animals will make these more fearful, nervous and incapable of reacting normally in different situations. The Bakharwal dog training is based on different techniques, such as teaching the dog the basic commands but also teaching the dog a lot of words that will ease the communication between the dog and its master. Anybody can teach his dog the basic training commands, which are not so hard to be taught. However, the information about how to train a Bakharwal dog can be found very easily on the internet, in books, video cassettes and other similar stuff. Many people appeal to a trainer’s help in order to have his/her Bakharwal dog training done in the most proper way.

Basic Bakharwal Dog Training Commands
in Austin

The following four basic commands will be separately described as steps in training a Bakharwal dog.

SIT – uses the dog leash and the dog collar as key items that will allow the dog associate the position that it needs to learn with the verbal command. As for the sit order, the trainer or the owner will have to pull up the dog leash and push down the dog’s back while giving the verbal command. After some exercises, the dog will make the connection between the sit word and the position that it was constrained to take.

STAY – the second order can be started after finalizing the first command described above. Here, the trainer will have to stand in front of the Bakharwal dog and to hold the leash over its head whilst giving the command. The trainer may check if the dog is being fully attentive to the command or not by using the dog’s favorite toy. If the dog will not get distracted, then it means it is ready for the lesson and will learn the command within a short period of time.

LIE DOWN – during this order the person who is performing the training will also have to use the leash or his own hand in order to be able to complete the dressage command. Now, the trainer will push down the dog from its shoulders while telling it to lie down or will pull the leash diagonally towards the dog’s back while asking the pet to lie down. It is important that the dog will be rewarded after executing any command, this way it will get more self confidence.

STAND – teaching the Bakharwal dog the stand command will require that the trainer holds the collar and pulls it forward while asking the dog verbally to stand. If it won’t obey, then it is needed to push the collar in the opposite way for making the Bakharwal stand.