Beagle Training

About This Breed

The beagle dog is a small hunting animal with a short and sleek coat which may be in three color choices: red and white, orange and white and lemon and white. Its look is very similar to the one of the English foxhound. Beagle dog training might be not a very simple thing to do because these dogs are kind of stubborn, that is why the training lessons have to be as firm as possible and also performed very cautiously. Due to their cute and funny looks, children are always crazy about having these dogs around. The reason for this is that the beagle dogs are very loving, happy and intelligent pets. Because of these good qualities, beagle dog training may also be concentrated on teaching the dog the normal and basic commands that are used for a normal life in a household.

How to train a Beagle in Austin

The beagle dog is a very well know animal because of its excellent sense of smell, being used as a police dog, customs police dog, for detecting drugs and other important missions. That is why the beagle dog training program involves a lot of important things, such as time, money and a lot of work. As you may imagine, the time spent for teaching the beagles all these techniques is not a very short one. It is very important to mention that the customs organizations prefer the beagle dog instead of the bloodhound because the beagle is smaller and doesn’t intimidate the persons who are being controlled. Another important aspect of the beagle dog training course is that it needs also to be focused on teaching the dog how to detect the termites in the wooden houses in the states, as this issue had become a huge American problem lately. Training the beagle dog about how to accompany the persons with different disabilities is another important issue on how to train a beagle dog.

Basic Beagle dog training commands in Austin

SIT – The most important of the Beagle dog training commands. Teaching a beagle dog to sit will require a dog leash and a dog collar, which will be of great help in instructing your dog this command. The dog leash will have to be pulled up at the same time with pushing down the dog’s back. During this action, you need to verbally ask the dog to sit.

STAY – you can train your beagle dog to stay only after it learned how to sit. This time, you need to stay in front of the dog with the leash above its head and give the command stay. If it wants to move, you must haul the leash upwards until the dog sits again, then you have to give again the stay command.

LIE DOWN – you may seek information about how to train a Beagle dog the lie-down command. Well, it is not very hard to do that. You may do that using the dog leash and your personal hand, as well. The leash will be pulled towards the back in a diagonal way while giving the verbal command. The other option of making your dog lie down is to place your hand on the dog’s shoulder blades and push down. This action will be also accompanied by the verbal command lie down.

STAND – training a Beagle dog to stand requires again the usage of the dog collar, by pulling it forward together with the verbal command. The beagle dog training commands can be taught by any person who might have minimum knowledge about this issue.