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How to train a Canaan Dog in Austin

In order to get the most out of Canaan Dog trainers in Austin, you have to get accustomed to the particularities of this breed. Also known as Kelev K’naani, this dog is a recent breed out of ancient Pariah Dog stock, and is the unique project of a pair of scientists, Drs. Rudolph and Rudolphina Menzel, dog experts and world authorities on Pariah Dogs. The Canaan Dog was developed from re-domesticated pariah dog stock captured in Palestine, where they were first used for guarding and tending cattle and sheep. The Israelis have since used the Canaan Dog for guard duties, as mine detectors during war times, as messengers, and as Red Cross helpers. The Canaan Dog possesses extremely keen senses of hearing and smell, and he can detect approaching intruders from a considerable distance, becoming instantly alert � this is a feat considered by most instructors when Canaan Dog training programs are applied. This intelligent, trainable breed has excellent tracking abilities and shows definite talent as a stock dog. A lot of Canaan Dog training programs focus on accustoming the dog to children and other pets � in most cases the Canaan Dog becomes a devoted family companion and natural watchdog. This dog breed is also inquisitive, loyal, and loving with his family, does not require a lot of exercise and housebreaking is quite easy and fast.