Carpatin Training

About This Breed

The Carpatin dog is a Romanian Carpatin shepherd dog used by the shepherds for protecting the sheep herds. As for the dimensions, these dogs are 61-73 centimeters tall and they weigh around 35-55 kg. Their fur color is similar to the wolf’s color with different color tones, mostly with a black mask on their muzzle and with some white spots on head, chest, and legs. This dog is mostly used as guard and protection dog for the sheep herds and also for the personal shepherd protection. The Carpatin dog training is a special dressage course that is supposed to develop the protection and guardian skills of these dogs. Normally any Carpatin dog training course starts very early from puppyhood, mainly because these dogs grow very fast and they are used as lookout and guard dogs from an unripe age. That is why the training starts very early for these dogs, and another reason for this is that puppies learn very faster and obey unconditionally.

How to train a Carpatin dog in Austin

The Carpatin dogs are very well balanced, self-possessed, calm and faithful animals. They are really fearless; they might confront the bears in the woods if it is necessary, trying to protect its master and the herd unconditionally. It is an aggressive dog towards strangers, when being on its own territory, and very calm and disciplined alongside its master, in crowded centers. It is very known that the Carpatin dog training has to be done without using force, beatings and other unpleasant things. It is a whole science about how to train a Carpatin dog. You may find information about this issue in so many places, such as: books, websites, cassettes, DVDs and other informative stuff. There are lots of trainers who deal with the Carpatin dog training and you may also appeal to one in case you think it’s better for your dog. Anyway, even if you choose to do like that it is important that you participate to these Carpatin dog training lessons, at least at the last ones. More to that, it should be better if you are the one who teaches your Carpatin dog the last commands or techniques because it has to recognize you as its master.

Basic Carpatin dog training commands in Austin

It is really important to know how to train a Carpatin dog the four basic commands, that is why we will describe each of them for you.

SIT – first you need to put the dog collar and the dog leash around your dog’s neck. After you did that you may start teaching your Carpatin dog the sitting command by pulling the leash at the same time with pushing down the dog. Don’t forget to give the verbal command while the dog takes the position in question.

STAY – the second command can be taught by having your dog sit first. Then you have to ask it stay while standing in front of your Carpatin dog with the leash over its head. After you repeat this command several times, your dog will execute it by itself. Don’t forget to praise the dog when it does that.

LIE DOWN – you can make your Carpatin dog to lie down by pulling the dog leash towards the animal’s back in the diagonal direction until it lies down. Make sure you give the verbal command the minute you start handling the leash.

STAND – you need to hold the dog collar and pull it forward so the dog will be constrained to stand. You may repeat the command until the dog does it by its own. Training the Carpatin dogs is a rewarding task because these dogs show wonderful progress in a pretty short period if time.