Danish Farm Dog Training

About This Breed

The height dimension of this dog is between 12 to 15 inches tall and the weight is between 17 to 25 pounds. Their general appearance is quite cute, having a rectangular and compact body with short fur. Puppies are not very developed, from the body point of view; sometimes it is needed to wait 3 years in order to consider it mature and well developed. The Danish/ Swedish farm dog training program can be done very fast and easy because these dogs are extremely intelligent and active. Even though, sometimes these dogs can become really stubborn, if they want to do something without getting permission. That is why proper and firm Danish / Swedish farm dog training is highly requested.

How to train a Danish/ Swedish farm dog in Austin

Even though you love your dog very much, sometimes it can be a real torment. If you can figure out what makes your dog behave that way, then you can sort the problem out and you will be able to remedy this bad behavior. It is recommended to start the Danish/ Swedish farm dog training from puppyhood because this way you will not have such hard time to teach your dog all the commands and tricks you want it to know. You can have a Danish/ Swedish farm dog training course by either appealing to a trainer or by reading books where you can find the information you seek for. In case you choose to talk to a trainer you have to speak with him about your dog and he will be able to tell you how to train a Danish/ Swedish farm dog. This specialist will give you exact information about the training commands, which you will need to take over. Danish/ Swedish farm puppy training will offer the dog the possibility to get in touch with other puppies, which have the same age or with adult dogs, smaller (in dimension) dogs and also with younger ones.

Basic Danish/ Swedish farm dog training commands in Austin

SIT – you can easily find out how to train a Danish/ Swedish farm dog the sitting command. Just need to read the following: first put the dog leash and the dog collar around your dog’s neck. Then haul up the dog leash while pushing the dog down from its back until it sits. If the dog doesn’t take the position then pull upward the leash until it sits. Praise the dog when it sits and repeat the command until the dog associates the verbal command with the position.

STAY – the second position will also be performed with the help of the dog leash, which will be held over your Basic Danish/ Swedish farm dog’s head while you stand in front of the animal at the same time with giving the command. In a while you will see how your dog will execute the command without a problem.

LIE DOWN – first you should help your Basic Danish/ Swedish farm dog to lie down by placing your hand on its shoulder blades and push down gently. After your dog will respond to it, then you have to help it lie down by handling the dog leash diagonally, towards the dog’s back. Doing this repetitively, your dog will be able to make a connection between the command and the position requested.

STAND – the last basic command is related to the previous ones, which were described above. Teach your Danish/ Swedish farm dog to stand by pulling gently the dog collar forward until the dog will stand. Keep it in the position for a while and then let it move. You should repeat the command until the dog will make an association between the verbal command and the position it was asked to take. The methods used during any Danish/ Swedish farm dog training are cautiously selected by specialists in order to improve and/ or change the dog’s future behavior.