Deerhound Training

About This Breed

How Deerhound Training in Austin is Done

Deerhounds are tall, elegant, yet very powerful dogs and their high level of energy demands a specialized Deerhound training program. Most trainers create obedience training and general command dog training programs that allow the Deerhound to enjoy his natural genetic characteristics while still being a good pet around the house. This particular breed is well suited for people who are looking for an energetic yet docile pet, but they do not make good house dogs. Deerhound owners have several reasons to be happy: this dog is friendly with dogs and people and barely barks in the house. However, here are some of the most delicate issues related to Deerhound training :

  1. Make sure to give them plenty of room to run and consume their energy. This is especially important if you are having chewing problems with your Deerhound,  if they do not get enough exercise they spend their energy chewing your furniture!
  2. Although extensive socialization training is not a necessity for the Deerhound, try to get them in contact with humans and other pets so that they do not grow shy and introverted.
  3. Remember that the Deerhound is a sighthound,  they have it in their blood to chase other beings. Deerhound training should focus on a strong enforcement of the main commands (come, stay, off), otherwise, your dog will become a threat to himself and others.
  4. Consistent Deerhound training is a necessity. They learn quickly, but they are often not interested in what you wish to teach them.

When it comes to housebreaking Deerhounds, owners are usually in for a lengthy process. About half a year of creating training will achieve the desired results.