Deutscher Wachtelhund Training

About This Breed

This dog is originally from Germany and it is mostly used as a hunting dog. The Deutscher Wachtelhund dog is a versatile dog, generally sold and owned within the country of Germany . As for the aspect, the Deutscher Wachtelhund dog is a strong muscular dog with an average size of 18-21 inches tall. Being an affectionate and friendly animal, the Deutscher Wachtelhund dog training program can be easily performed with great success. A dog like this can also be a very good companion for its master, being very fond of children as well. Because of this good quality people are interested in raising the Wachtelhund dogs in their households. Even though you use your dog for hunting or not, a general Deutscher Wachtelhund dog training course is required. This way you will have a more improved relationship with your dog.

Basic Deutscher Wachtelhund dog training commands in Austin

SIT – you can start teaching your Deutscher Wachtelhund dog the four basic commands only after you placed the dog collar and the dog leash around your dog’s neck. You need to pull up the dog leash and push down the dog’s back in order to make it sit. You also have to give the command while the dog is constrained to take the right position.

STAY – if you want to teach your Deutscher Wachtelhund dog to stay you must hold the leash over its head when the dog is sitting. Praising your dog is highly requested while acting on the dog.

LIE DOWN – a Deutscher Wachtelhund dog can be taught to lie down if you push the dog’s shoulder blades down with your hand. You have to do it gently in order to let the dog respond positively to this action. The next step is to pull the dog leash in a diagonal way towards the dog’s back. In these both ways your dog will eventually be able to learn how to take the lie down position, being able to do it by itself after a short period of time.

STAND – the last command will need the dog collar as a helping item. Your Deutscher Wachtelhund dog will stand if you hold the dog collar and pull it forward slightly. If the dog tries to move then push the collar in the opposite way until the dog is constrained to stand. These are the indications about how to train a Deutscher Wachtelhund dog the four basic commands.

How to train a Deutscher Wachtelhund dog in Austin

Any Deutscher Wachtelhund dog training needs to be done after a careful analysis of the dog’s temperament, which will be put under training. These temperamental tests are indispensable but this doesn’t mean that there is a possibility to forget about the training, except for the pathologic cases. We can get information about the way that our dog will behave after having a Deutscher Wachtelhund dog training course. Trainers know how to train a Deutscher Wachtelhund dog in accordance with the information of the temperamental tests that they took before taking the decision with regards to the training methods which are going to be used. An ideal Deutscher Wachtelhund dog training should use the combined methods, which are based on stimuli and mechanic actions. During the Deutscher Wachtelhund dog training course we need to use two kinds of stimuli: food and moving objects. Food is always welcome in Deutscher Wachtelhund puppy training while the moving objects are appropriate for dogs with a very powerful hunting instinct.