Dobermann Training

About This Breed

The Dobermann dog or the so called Dobermann Pinscher is originally from Germany and it is used as a guard, defense, and protection dog. A male dog weighs between 30-40 kg and a female weighs 30-40 kg. As for the height, a male measure 70 centimeters tall and a female is 69 cm tall. The Dobermann dog training methods can be very varied and complex as these dogs are used for different purposes. The duration of any Dobermann dog training is determined after having a complete capability test. The training can be done at the dog’s own residence or having a boarding house regime.

How to train a Dobermann dog in Austin

The discipline Dobermann dog training command lasts between 2 to 6 months, according to the dog’s age and the type of commands and the guard and protection Dobermann dog training lessons last between 1 to 3 months, depending on the level of each dog. It’s very important to get proper information about how to train a Dobermann dog, about the density of classes per day, as you have to know that the Dobermann dog training lessons need to be done once or twice a day ( if the dog is in boarding house regime) and the length of a dressage meeting may last 10 minutes. The program of the Dobermann dog training is divided into four different phases: the first one is to motivate the dog (when you give a dog a piece of meat or a favorite toy it will be motivated and will execute any command given by the instructor. The second phase is teaching your Dobermann dog the exercises, (the minute it gets used to the commands it will execute them with pleasure). The next stage in training the Dobermann dogs is the insertion of the redress in exercises (every time the dog acts improperly you will have to correct it). The last phase is checking the reflexes during given situations (as soon as you have your dog trained it will have to execute the commands without any distraction, no matter the environment).

Basic Dobermann dog training in Austin

Here is some general information about how to train a Dobermann dog the four basic commands.

SIT – you can start teaching your Dobermann dog the first command as soon as you have placed the dog collar and the dog leash around its neck. After you did that you need to get your dog’s attention and give the command while pulling up the leash at the same time with pushing down the dog’s back. This way you will make your dog sit and within some weeks it will be able to execute the sitting command without any help.

STAY – command your Dobermann dog to stay only after it is able to sit without help. First you need to have your dog in the sitting position. Then command it to stay while you are standing before it with the dog leash over its head. If it wants to get up pull the leash upwards until it sits again. Hold the leash pretty high so the dog will not be able to lie down comfortably. Generally, the Dobermann dog training methods are based on positive strengthening, that is why your dog will get more and more involved during the training lessons.

LIE DOWN – this third command will also use the dog leash as a key item in teaching your Dobermann dog to lie down. First you can do this by placing your own hand on the dog’s shoulder blades and push it down while you give the lie down command. You have to do this gently so your dog will respond positively. The next thing to do is to pull the leash in a diagonal direction towards your dog’s behind, at the same time with giving the verbal command. Your dog will end up executing the order in question without any problem.

STAND – commanding your Dobermann dog to stand will require that you hold its dog collar and pull it forward slightly. It’s better if you can make your dog stand for about 20 seconds and then to repeat the command. If the dog wont’ obey then push the collar on the reverse direction until your dog will eventually stand.