Dogue de Bordeaux Training

About This Breed

The Dogue de Bordeaux or the French Mastiff dog is a one color animal with some small white spots on the chest. This dog is originally from France and it has all the characteristics of a ferocious animal. It is a very powerful, solid and well-developed dog with a giant body. It is well proportioned, slim, fast and a very good athlete. The Dogue de Bordeaux is a very loving, devoted and faithful dog. Because of these positive qualities, Dogue de Bordeaux training is mostly based on helping the dog to develop the skills for becoming the best companion possible in order to have a very special relationship with its master. Being a massive dog, the Dogue de Bordeaux training has to be done progressively, mainly due to the fact that these dogs are getting tired easily, in this case, are recommended plenty of short sessions.

How to train the Dogue de Bordeaux in Austin

You may have access to all the information about how to train the Dogue de Bordeaux. You can be really happy and content if you choose to have a professional Dogue de Bordeaux training course. If you do that you will see results even from the first day of training and everyone around you will be positively surprised by the bond and relationship you have with your dog. A tough Dogue de Bordeaux training course is not recommended at all because these dogs are very sensitive and will not respond to any harsh treatment. The Dogue de Bordeaux is very protective of children, having a very calm behavior. It adores to be caressed by the family’s friends but the strangers have to be cautious to trust this dog because they might get in real trouble if they attempt to do something improper, which may put in danger the good fare of the dog’s master.

Basic Dogue de Bordeaux training commands in Austin

You can see below some information about how to train the Dogue de Bordeaux. By doing that progressively you will have a more obedient dog.

SIT – after putting the dog leash and the dog collar around your dog’s neck you can start teaching it the first command. You may do that by pulling up the dog leash and pushing down its back. While doing this you must give the command verbally so you may let the Dogue de Bordeaux understand what you want it to do.

STAY – you can make your Dogue de Bordeaux to stay if you ask it to sit and then to stay by keeping the leash over its head while standing in front of it. It’s important to praise your dog every time it executes a command.

LIE DOWN -training the Dogue de Bordeaux to lie down may use two different options, which are normally recommended to be followed, one after another. The first option is to place your own hand on the dog’s scapula and press down gently until the dog lies down. The second option is to pull the leash diagonally towards the dog’s back until it takes the lie down position. These two options are recommended to be used in the same order as presented above. Every time you help your dog execute a command it’s important to ask that order verbally, this way you enable the dog to make the connection between the position and the verbal request.

STAND – the stand command Dogue de Bordeaux training is consisted of one technique that will use the dog collar as an adjutant item. You will have to hold the collar and pull it forward slightly until the dog stands. You should have your dog in the stand for about 20 seconds and then repeat the command until the dog will execute it without needing your help.