Drever Training

About This Breed

These dogs weigh between 14 to 16 kg and they measure up to 40 centimeters in height. The fur is thick and flat, spread all over the body, which is a little bit long but well proportioned. The Drever dog has a big head with medium sized clear eyes. The dogs in question are well adapted for living in apartments that is why it is required to attend a normal and vigorous Drever dog training. They are extremely fitted for being companions because these dogs are never aggressive or nervous, which is a good thing for having a well done Drever dog training course.

How to train a Drever dog in Austin

You can have lots of options in gathering information concerning the Drever dog training programs. The internet websites are full of different information about how to train a Drever dog, how to approach it and the steps that you need to follow. Specialists claim that an untrained dog is like an abused animal, which doesn’t have the liberty to go for a walk without the dog leash. Trainers have been emphasizing the importance of having a Drever dog training course from puppyhood. Training Drever dogs will have major effects on the relationship between the dog and its master and also upon the dog’s general behavior. More to this, the dog will reward you with a lot of love, loyalty, and attachment because its life will be highly improved. If you consider taking a Drever dog training course, you and your dog will both win that situation. You will begin to understand and to learn how your dog thinks and you will use that to your own advantage. For example, a very important issue in the Drever dog training programs is that the dog is reprimanded without knowing how it feels or thinks and this may cause a lot of confusion for the dog which may even react negatively.

Basic Drever dog training commands in Austin

Bellow you can find exact information about how to train a Drever dog the four basic commands.

SIT – this is the first basic command and it consists of different techniques which will use the dog collar and the dog leash as adjutant items. After you put the leash on the dog collar, you can start teaching your Drever dog the sitting command. You will need to pull up the leash while pushing down the dog from its back until it sits. In quite short while your dog will comprehend the verbal asking for the position.

STAY – teaching your Drever dog to stay will also require that you use the leash again in order to constrain the dog to take the stay position. After having it sit, you can order it to stay by holding the dog leash above its head while standing in front of your dog. Give the command while doing all these. If your dog wants to get up, then pull the leash upwards until it sits again. Praise the dog every time it executes a command.

LIE DOWN – constraining your Drever dog to lie down can be done by either pushing down its scapula bone or by pulling the leash diagonally towards the dog’s back. You need to do these slowly so that you can let the dog respond in a positive way. It is required to give the command while helping the dog to lie down.

STAND – the last command will be taught by holding the dog collar and pulling it slightly while giving the stand command. When you succeed in constraining your Drever dog to stand keep it in the position for about 20 seconds and then you may repeat the position. You will see that in a short period of time your dog will stand at your verbal request. Assertive techniques always consist in Drever dog training lessons and that has a very strong positive effect upon the dog’s will.