Dunker Training

About This Breed

This is a Norwegian dog and has another name, which is Norwegian hound. This breed was created in 1820 using the Russian hounds. The dunker dog is not a heavy animal, as it may weigh up to 49 pounds. The height is between 18-22 inches. The coat is short, flat and thick, having two colors, black and tan. These dogs are used as hunting dogs but lately, they started to be bred in human households for companionship. The Dunker dog training program will be concentrated on different techniques that will allow the dog to manage the activity of following and bringing the hunt to its master. Typical Dunker dog training is recommended as well, besides the other specific hunting lessons.

How to train a Dunker dog in Austin

By having a Dunker dog training you can find out how your dog’s mind works and the reason why it wants or not to listen to you. After you will find out this trick you will be amazed by the easiness which will make your dog learn new behaviors. Reading information about how to train a Dunker dog the best-known tricks and also information about teaching your Dunker dog to sit, to lie down or stay without facing any difficulties. A lot of people think that the Dunker dog training programs are kind of useless because it is pretty difficult to teach your dog all those hard things. Well, that is not true because these secret tricks are simpler than you can ever imagine. You will be amazed by how you can teach your dog new behaviors by only following a proper and firm Dunker dog training. During these dressage lessons, you can learn what kind of toys you should offer your dog because plenty of toys may harm a great deal the results of Dunker dog training.

Basic Dunker dog training commands in Austin

Sit – you can make your Dunker dog sit by helping it first do it. You can do that by placing the dog collar and the dog leash around your dog’s neck and then pull up the leash whilst pushing down the pet until it sits. If it won’t sit then keep a firm grip on the leash and pull it upward. Dunker dog training is based on positive reinforcement that is why it’s good to praise the dog every time it listens to you.

Stay – the obedience Dunker dog training program is based on different techniques that will make your dog want to obey and execute the commands you are giving. The stay position will be learned by the dog if you command it to stay while it is in the sitting position. When you give the command you will have to stand in front of it with the dog leash over its head. Within weeks your pet will be able to execute the stay command without a problem.

Lie down – you can find out how to train a Dunker dog the lie down position if you read and put in practice the following: place your hand on the dog’s shoulder blades and push down gently until the dog lies down, or pull the dog leash toward the dog’s back in a diagonal direction. You have to give the verbal command for both options presented above.

Stand – teaching your Dunker dog the stand command will take you no more than a couple of lessons. You will have to hold the dog collar and give the command while pulling forward on the collar slightly. Have your dog stand for about 20 seconds at a time and then you may repeat the exercise until the dog is able to take the stand position without anyone’s help.