East Siberian Laika Training

About This Breed

The East Siberian Laika dog is a mix between the wolf and any other regular dog, having a very nice and cute general aspect. As for the measurements, these dogs are 64 centimeters tall and weigh up to 23 kg. Their fur can be short or medium and can be white with black and some red or gray spots. East Siberian Laika dog training is to be done quite easily because these dogs are extremely obedient, unlike their descendants. In the past, this dog type was used especially for hunting and pulling. Nowadays, it is mostly used for keeping company; that is why it is required to have basic and general East Siberian Laika dog training.

How to train an East Siberian Laika dog in Austin

It’s very important that we know a lot of details about how to train an East Siberian Laika dog, especially before starting the dressage lessons that we are talking about here. Specialists recommend a lot of consideration concerning the East Siberian Laika dog training program and only after we had a careful and cautious analysis of the dog which is due to be trained. It’s very important to know the results to all temperamental tests, which will help us achieve the final and proper East Siberian Laika dog training. During the dressage lessons, the dog is stimulated either with food or with moving objects. Food is more likely to be given to puppies or to dogs which have food reactions and the moving objects are to be given to dogs that need to have a hunting East Siberian Laika dog training. There are exceptions to these rules when these stimuli are not so important to the dog. In that case, we need to act in a very firm way by using the dog leash, which is used in these special cases.

Basic East Siberian Laika dog training commands in Austin

SIT – teaching your East Siberian Laika dog to sit can be done quite easily. You need to place first the dog collar and the dog leash around the dog’s neck. Then you have to pull up the leash while pushing down the dog from its back at the same time with giving the verbal command. It’s very important to ask the dog verbally while taking the position so it will know in the future the meaning of the words.

STAY – after you taught your East Siberian Laika dog to sit you can teach it to stay. Have your dog sit first. Then command it to stay while you stand in front of it with the dog leash above its head. Praise the dog every time it listens and executes the command.

LIE DOWN – you can teach your East Siberian Laika dog to lie down by either pushing it down from its shoulder blades or pulling the dog leash in a diagonal way towards the dog’s behind until it lies down. Both of these two actions are to be done gently so that your dog will respond positively. Once you taught your dog this command it will take a few weeks until it will be able to execute it by itself. East Siberian Laika dog training has better results if it is performed on puppies rather than on mature dogs.

STAND – teaching your East Siberian Laika dog the stand command is quite an easy thing to do. You will need to hold the dog collar while giving the command and pull it forward slightly. Keep the dog in the stand position for about 20 seconds at a time and then you may repeat the exercise until it learns the command. Praising the dog when it listens to you is a very important issue in training dogs.

This is very important information about how to train the East Siberian Laika dog the four basic training commands.