Field Spaniel Training

About This Breed

The Field Spaniel dog is a medium-sized dog with silky hair and cute general aspect. Many people say that these dogs are a blend between the looks and the usefulness. It measures 46 centimeters tall and weighs around 23 kg. Responds very well to specific Field Spaniel dog training mostly because this dog is very friendly and it complies with different dressage techniques without resisting. The Field Spaniel dog is related to the English Cocker Spaniel and it comes from England, its country of origin. We can talk about some kind of Field Spaniel dog training complexity mainly because you have to consider a lot of details before starting the dressage that we are talking about.

How to train a Field Spaniel dog in Austin

Training the Field Spaniel dog is a very important thing to consider from the moment you get yourself a field spaniel puppy. If you have a prior temperamental test of your dog you will not have any problems in getting the right Field Spaniel dog training. You can find a lot of details about how to train a Field Spaniel dog after you go through a complete mettle checkup. The duration of the Field Spaniel dog training program is strictly related to the outcomes given by these temperamental tests. You can start training your Field Spaniel dog at your own residence or you can go to a training board house. The discipline dressage lessons may last between two and six months, in accordance with the type of breed and also to the age of the dog. The guard and protection Field Spaniel dog training may last between one to three months, in accordance with the level of every dog involved. Any dog training is performed once or maximum twice a day, and that happens only when the dog is kept at the board house residence. Knowing the step by step information about how to train a Field Spaniel dog is the key in succeeding and getting best results.

Basic Field Spaniel dog training commands in Austin

SIT – you can go through the training lessons and teach your Field Spaniel dog the four basic commands if you place a dog collar and a dog leash around the dog’s neck. If you pull up the dog leash and press the dog down you will have it sit. Don’t forget to constrain the dog to sit while you give the verbal command and your dog will take the requested position by itself shortly when you ask it to.

STAY -after you teach your Field Spaniel dog to sit you can teach it to stay. While the dog is in the sit position, ask it to stay while standing in front of it with the leash over its head. If it doesn’t obey pull the leash upwards until the canine sits. Praise the dog all the time it obeys and executes the requisite command.

LIE DOWN – teaching your Field Spaniel dog the lie-down position is an easy thing to do. All you have to do is help the dog lie down by pushing it down from its shoulder blades or by handling the leash diagonally towards the dog’s back until it lies down. You have to be gentle while doing this in order to give the dog enough time to respond positively.

STAND – Field Spaniel dog training stand command uses the same technique as the previous commands which were described above. You just need to hold the dog collar and give the command at the same time with pulling it forward gently will constrain your Field Spaniel dog to stand.