Fila Brasileiro Training

About This Breed

Basic Fila Brasileiro Dog Training Commands in Austin

Normally the companion dogs are put under an accompaniment Fila Brasileiro dog training which is materialized in a basic dog training method.

SIT – before you can start to teach your Fila Brasileiro dog the sit position you need to place a dog collar and a dog leash around the canine’s neck. After that pull up the dog leash and push the dog down from its back so that it will be constrained to sit. If it obeys praise the dog so it will make it want to do that some other times. It’s important to give the verbal command while the dog takes the requested position.

STAY – if you taught your Fila Brasileiro dog the sit command then you can start teaching it the stay command too. While the dog is in the sit position, ask it to stay while standing in front of it with the leash over its head. If it tries to get up then pull the leash upwards until it sits again. After repeating this exercise several times your dog will be able to execute it without needing your help.

LIE DOWN – teaching your Fila Brasileiro dog the lie-down command will require that you help it for the first times. If you push the dog down from its shoulder blades or if you pull the dog leash diagonally towards the dog’s back will make the dog lie down. Once your dog learns how to do this, it will gladly take the lie down position only when you ask it too.

STAND – the last basic command will also use the dog collar as a key item. All you have to do is to hold the collar and give the stand command while pulling forward on the collar slightly. Keep your Fila Brasileiro dog in the position for about 20 seconds at a time and then repeat the exercise.

This dog’s country of origin is Brazil and has some other alternative names, such as Brazilian Mastiff and Fila. This special breed was obtained from a mix between the Brazilian dogs and mastiff dogs or scent hound dogs and even bloodhound dogs. A long time ago the Fila Brasileiro dog was used for tracing the fugitive slaves but later it was used as a guardian dog and also for herding the cattle. As for the measurements, Fila Brasileiro dog is 75 centimeters tall and 50 kg, which means that fila is quite a big dog. Fila Brasileiro dog training is a complex and rigorous program, mostly due to the countless methods that need to be used and also the training possibilities that these dogs can handle. If you don’t want to contact a specialist who will be able to give you details about Fila Brasileiro dog training, then you can be your own dog’s trainer.

How to train a Fila Brasileiro dog in Austin

You can end the stress and the irritations developed by the behavior of your dog and get some proper information about how to train a Fila Brasileiro dog. You can halve the time destined for the obedience training and use some special techniques that will have miraculous outcomes rapidly. The Fila Brasileiro dog training program will put you in the place to wonder how your dog thinks and how to communicate with it in order to have a special and prosperous relationship. Many people find themselves in the position that they don’t know how to handle their dog anymore, thinking that there is no chance for their dogs to get a normal and obedient behavior. Well, there is a solution for sorting this problem out by reading some special books that will introduce you to the most proper Fila Brasileiro dog training programs. These books are written by specialists who have years of experience in training all kinds of dogs and who can give you necessary information about how to train a Fila Brasileiro dog.