Hamiltonstovare Training

About This Breed

The Hamiltonstovare dog is a Swedish hunting dog and it was created by crossing the German hound with the English one. A Hamiltonstovare dog weighs around 50-60 pounds and measures 18-23 inches tall. It has another alternative name, which is: Hamilton Hound. Hamiltonstovare dog training is a little bit different and specific than normal and general dog training because of the hunting lessons which have to be taught cautiously and progressively. The Hamiltonstovare dog is an athletic canine with short and thick fur, which normally is in three colors options, black, golden tan, and white. It is extremely important to start Hamiltonstovare dog training when the dog is still four months old because you need to get the dog used to hunting skills from a fragile age.

How to train a Hamiltonstovare dog in Austin

There are a lot of things that need to be taken care of, before starting the Hamiltonstovare dog training program. The importance of having a prior temperamental test of the dog is highly recommended if you really want to have best results after Hamiltonstovare dog training. There are plenty of issues about how to train a Hamiltonstovare dog and it is better to talk to a specialist or to buy specialized books in order to get the most proper information regarding this subject. The Hamiltonstovare dogs have many good qualities which help them be just right for dressage and these qualities are: devotion, gentleness, activeness and native hunting skills. Due to these good capacities, Hamiltonstovare dog training can be performed quite easily and with little effort. Any person, who is going to perform the training, even if it’s a trainer or yourself, will be happy to see the desire that these dogs have for accomplishing their duties, in the field or at home. They are just anxious to make their master happy.

Basic Hamiltonstovare dog training commands in Austin

SIT – the first thing that you have to do when starting the basic training commands is to place the dog collar and the dog leash around your dog’s neck. After that, you have to constrain the Hamiltonstovare dog to sit by pulling up the dog leash whilst shoving down the dog from its back until it sits. Give the verbal command while the dog is taking the right position in order for it to make the connection between the position and the command.

STAY – command your Hamiltonstovare dog to stay only after you successfully trained it the sitting command. While the dog sits ask it to stay but you need to stand in front of your dog with the leash above its head. After the dog readjusts with the command, distract it with a favorite toy or with food. Keep repeating the command until the distraction has no effect upon the dog.

LIE DOWN – to teach your Hamiltonstovare dog the lie-down command will require that you force it to do it for the first times. You can do that by pushing down the dog gently from its shoulder blades or by pulling the leash diagonally to its behind until the animal lies down. Give the verbal command while the dog takes the position and then praise it in order to improve its self-confidence.

STAND – you can easily figure out how to train a Hamiltonstovare dog if you read carefully the above basic commands because the last one uses the same rules as the first ones. You can teach your Hamiltonstovare dog the stand command if you hold the dog collar and then give the command while pulling forward on the collar slightly. After the dog stands, keep it in the position for about 20 seconds and then repeat the exercise over and over again until you see that your dog can execute the position when you ask it to. The entire Hamiltonstovare dog training process must to be performed with calmness and patience within a pleasant environment.