Icelandic Sheepdog Training

About This Breed

This dog’s country of origin is Iceland and it is said that it has the best sense of smell than any other dog. The Icelandic Sheepdog has a very nice general aspect, having around 12-16 inches tall. The coat may be long or short and the colors are very miscellaneous, such as: gray, black, silver with white but the most common combination is yellow or reddish with white. Icelandic Sheepdog training needs to be done in a very serious manner and also progressively as the dog has to get used to all the commands properly. It is required that exercises are a part of Icelandic Sheepdog training mainly because these dogs are pretty energetic and need to consume their energy through exercises.

How to train an Icelandic Sheepdog dog in Austin

There are countless sources of information about how to train an Icelandic Sheepdog. It is important to take into consideration the dog’s temperament before deciding upon the Icelandic Sheepdog training program. Normally, any dog is put under some tests before the training. These tests will give the specialists a lot of information about the way that you need to have your dog trained. These temperamental tests are extremely important and necessary, especially because you can foresee the future behavior that your dog will have after Icelandic Sheepdog training and also you will find important information about the education level that this dog might achieve. After you have all these tests done, the Icelandic Sheepdog training program will be made in accordance with these results. Ideally, it is better if you use the combined method, which is based on different stimuli and mechanic actions, as well. The stimuli that we are referring to are: food and moving objects. As you may imagine, there is a lot to know about how to train an Icelandic Sheepdog and it is recommended to get a specialized advice when you decide that your dog should undergo such a training course.

Basic Icelandic Sheepdog training commands in Austin

SIT – teaching your Icelandic Sheepdog the four basic training commands will require that you use the dog collar and the dog leash as important items for completing the dressage process. Pulling up the dog leash and pressing down the dog on its back will make the dog to sit. Don’t forget to give the verbal command so you will enable the dog to associate the position with the command. After a short period of time, the dog will be able to respond to this command promptly.

STAY – training Icelandic Sheepdogs the stay command will need that you ask the dog to sit first. After the dog is in the sitting position, ask it to stay while you stand in front the dog with the leash over its head. Try to keep the dog to stay for a while and then allow it to get out of the position and repeat the command until you get prompt responses every time.

LIE DOWN – command your Icelandic Sheepdog to lie down while you help it do that first. Place your hand on the dog’s shoulder blades and push down until the dog lies down. The other option of doing this is that you pull the dog leash diagonally towards the dog’s behind. In a while, your dog will execute the lie-down command by itself.

STAND – you can teach your Icelandic Sheepdog to stand if you pull gently the dog collar onward until the dog stands. Keep it in the position for about 20 seconds and then you may repeat the command until you get immediate replies from the dog. Icelandic Sheepdog training commands are based on positive reinforcement that is why dogs need to be encouraged and praised all the time.