Indian Bullterrier Training

About This Breed

The Indian bullterrier dog was created by crossing the English terrier with the Irish one. Unfortunately, this kind of dog is being used for fighting throughout India and Pakistan. The dog looks a lot like an old type of English Bullterrier with some insignificant changes. Some Indian people say that this dog is, in fact, the English White Terrier and others say that it is a Hinks Bullterrier. Indian bullterrier dog training has to be performed in a very gentle manner; otherwise, the dog might develop behavioral problems from puppyhood, meaning that the dog is more likely to get aggressive towards people around or even its family. It is extremely useful if you start the Indian bullterrier dog training program while the dog is still a puppy because this way you can avoid the development of mal character for this type of breed.

How to train an Indian bullterrier dog in Austin

Training Indian bullterrier dogs is quite a complex process which needs a lot of attention and caution. Indian bullterrier dog training must be done on a daily basis, having a well-established plan from the very beginning. First, it would be better if you could gather all the information about how to train an Indian bullterrier dog and then to go ahead with it. You can have a lot of options when choosing the Indian bullterrier dog training program either you choose to take the info concerning this issue from the internet or hire a trainer. Either way, the dog’s master must get involved very seriously during Indian bullterrier dog training in order that his dog will recognize him as a pack ganger. There is a lot to know about how to train an Indian bullterrier dog and you must have all the information concerning this issue before starting the Indian bullterrier dog training program.

Basic Indian bullterrier dog training commands in Austin

SIT – to teach your Indian bullterrier dog the sitting position, first you need to place a dog collar and a dog leash around your dog’s neck. Then pull up the dog leash and push the dog down on its back until it sits. If it won’t obey, then keep a firm grip on the leash and pull it upward until it really sits. Praise the dog and don’t let it get up for a while. After that, work on the command again until your Indian bullterrier dog will do it by itself.

STAY – after you taught your Indian bullterrier dog, you can teach it the stay command. While the dog is in the sit position, at your command, ask it to stay while you stand in front of it with the dog leash above its head. If it wants to get up, pull the leash high up until the dog sits again. In a short period of time your Indian bullterrier dog will execute the command promptly.

LIE DOWN – ask your Indian bullterrier dog to lie down while you push the dog down from its shoulder blades with your own hand or when you pull the dog leash diagonally towards its back. If you do these, your dog will be constrained to take the lie down position and within a short period of time it will do it without your help.

STAND – teaching your Indian bullterrier dog the stand position will require that you use the dog collar as an adjutant item for completing this command. If you hold the dog collar and give the command while pulling it high up you will have your dog stand. Have your Indian bullterrier dog stand for about 20 seconds and then try to repeat the command until the dog will be able to stand without needing any help. Indian bullterrier dog training methods use different dressage techniques that make the dogs get more willing to cooperate with the master and the trainer as well.