Japanese Mastiff Training

About This Breed

Here is an interesting article on Japanese Mastiff dog training: The Japanese Mastiff dog or the so called Tosa is originally from Japan and it was created a long time ago for one single purpose – fighting. Dog fighting had a real historical tradition in some districts of old Japan , especially in Shikoku district. Nowadays, Tosa is not the same dog as it used to be. The Japanese Mastiff dog is a big dog with heavy aspect and with a vigorous body. Tosa’s measurements are: 65-76 centimeters tall and the weight is between 63-91 kg. Specialists recommend undergoing a firm and rigorous Japanese Mastiff dog training as the dog has to learn and develop a normal behavior towards people. Being such a brawny and powerful dog it is required to include in the Japanese Mastiff dog training program as much as many exercises as possible.

How to train a Japanese Mastiff dog in Austin

The Japanese Mastiff dog has been shown a great popularity among breeders especially because of its imposing look and also because of its good and positive qualities. Many people seek for a lot of information about how to train a Japanese Mastiff dog while others prefer to contact a trainer who is entitled to give the most proper information regarding Japanese Mastiff dog training . The first and the most important step for a trainer during Japanese Mastiff dog training is to test the aptitudes of the dog which is put under training. Following this testing, he may have the possibility to establish the receptivity and the ability of learning for the puppy in question and also the methods and the stimuli which will be used during the education process. The most complete information about how to train a Japanese Mastiff dog will include details about the psychological testing as well, which is not a novelty within the training field. Like humans, dogs have different levels of receptivity, different temperaments and personalities. Theoretically, any Japanese Mastiff dog training can be started at any age, no matter the temperament or sex. After having the tests and psychological evaluations done, the trainer will be able to tell you if your dog will be able to successfully undergo the Japanese Mastiff dog training program and tell you the possible chances in getting the best results possible.

Basic Japanese Mastiff dog training commands in Austin

SIT – before teaching your Japanese Mastiff dog the sitting position, place the dog collar and the dog leash on the dog’s neck. After that, make the dog sit by hauling up the dog leash at the same time with pushing the dog down on its back. You will notice that your dog will be able to execute the position by itself within a few weeks.

STAY – you can start training your Japanese Mastiff dog the stay command only after you successfully completed the previous command. Do that by asking the dog to sit first and then command it to stay whilst you stand before your Japanese Mastiff dog with the dog leash above its head. When it is in the position, praise the dog so you make sure it understands that this is what you asked it to do.

LIE DOWN – start teaching your Japanese Mastiff dog the lie down position by pulling the leash diagonally unto its back or by pressing its back down until it will lie down. Give the verbal command while doing this and then praise the dog with words or food for better cooperation in the future.

STAND – the last basic command can be performed by following the same rules as you followed for the previous commands. Hold the dog collar and ask the dog to stand while you pull the collar forward in a gentle way. Keep the dog in the position for a while and then let it get up. Within several weeks you will notice remarkable improvements regarding your animal’s behavior. Most Japanese Mastiff dog training methods are supposed to improve the dog’s will and cooperation within its relationship with the master.