Japanese Spitz Training

About This Breed

The original name of the Japanese Spitz dog is Nihon Supittsu and the country of origin id Japan. It is believed that the Japanese Spitz dog is related to the American Eskimo in miniature. Some specialists say that the animal is related to the Samoyede dog but others say that its descendant is the white big German Spitz. Japanese Spitz dog training is a very important process in a dog’s life and has extremely benefic effects upon the relationship between the master and the dog. This cute little dog is used only for the company; therefore the Japanese Spitz dog training program will not take too long.

How to train a Japanese Spitz dog in Austin

Knowing how to train a Japanese Spitz dog is not a very difficult thing these days. Countless specialized sources are willing to give you the most proper and individualized information with regards to Japanese Spitz dog training. Even if you choose to hire a trainer or you just want to do it on your own, the chances of getting best results are pretty high, mainly because Japanese Spitz dog training is not such a complicated process, being focused only on company dressage lessons. It is very important to follow and pay attention to every detail mentioned in the general information package about how to train a Japanese Spitz dog. Specialists say that this breed doesn’t need too much time for exercising; 20 minutes a day are more than enough. It is very good to know that the necessary exercises can be done within your own home so you don’t have to go out with your dog in order to accomplish this issue. Many people are interested in getting such a dog because of its cuteness and also because of the easy Japanese Spitz dog training.

Basic Japanese Spitz dog training commands in Austin

SIT – first of all make sure you possess a dog collar and a dog leash, which need to be put on the dog’s neck. After you placed these two items around the animal’s neck you can start teaching the Japanese Spitz dog the sitting position. Haul up the dog leash and push down the dog on its back until the dog sits. Give the command every time the animal takes the requested position and then praise it for improving its self confidence.

STAY – have the Japanese Spitz dog in the sitting position and then ask it to stay while you are in front of your dog with the leash above its head. Don’t let the dog get up for a few seconds and then repeat the exercise until you get prompt responses every time.

LIE DOWN – training Japanese Spitz dogs the lie down position can be performed by using two options: one – using the dog leash and the other one – using your own hand. Using these two options have the effect of constraining the dog to take the lie down position for the first times until it gets used to executing the command by itself. When you use the dog leash, pull it diagonally towards the dog’s back until the dog will lie down. In the case of using the hand, put it over the animal’s shoulder blades and press gently until you get the same response from the dog. In a short period of time, the animal will be able to associate the position with the verbal command and will act accordingly.

STAND – teach your Japanese Spitz dog the stand command by using the same methods as you used for the previous commands which were presented above. Hold the dog collar first and then give the command while pulling forward on the collar slightly. When the dog is in the stand position, keep it that way for a while and then repeat the exercise until satisfactory results occur. Japanese Spitz dog training methods are generally based on strengthening theories, which have extremely important effects on the dog’s future behavior.