Jonangi Training

About This Breed

The Jonangi dog is an Indian canine, registered in eastern part of India from Bengal to Kanyakumari. The specific of Jonangi dog training emerges from the fact that these dogs are used primarily as hunting dogs; that is why it is required to follow an individualized Jonangi dog training . Another quality showed by these dogs is that they are very good guardians having a very developed sense of property. The Jonangi dog resembles a lot with the bull terrier except for the fact that it is not so small and robust. Many people believe that it looks a lot like the Basenji dog with very short and smooth fur.

How to train a Jonangi dog in Austin

The first step you need to take when deciding to undergo a Jonangi dog training program is to find all information that you may need about how to train a Jonangi dog. In any Jonangi dog training is important to use the rewarding motivation and positive reinforcement which will have a great effect on your dog. To be more specific about this, the dogs will develop an obedient and calm demeanor through out the entire Jonangi dog training and of course for the rest of the dog’s life. The rewarding tasks are used during the entire dressage lessons and will be taken out progressively once that the commands were successfully implemented. The most important two canine values are food and toys, both of them have the purpose of increasing the native instincts of the dog. If the first one stakes on serving the immediate physiological needs, respectively the need for food, the second one speculates the hunting skills improvement. If you read carefully all the information on how to train a Jonangi dog, you will see that there are some other important elements used in dog’s education, such as: gentle voice, praising and caressing.

Basic Jonangi dog training commands in Austin

SIT – before starting the dressage lessons make sure you have placed a dog collar and a dog leash around your dog’s neck. After doing that you can start teaching your Jonangi dog the sitting position using the dog leash as an adjutant item. Pull up in the leash and push the dog down on its back until it sits at the same time with giving the verbal command. When the dog takes the position, praise it with words or food just to make sure you will get its will for future exercises.

STAY – training Jonangi dogs the stay command will also require that you use the dog leash for constraining the dog to take the position in question. As soon as you successfully trained it the sit position you can start with the second basic command. Have your Jonangi dog in the sitting position and then ask it to stay while you are standing in front of it with the dog leash above its head. Work on the command until your dog will be able to execute the stay position by itself.

LIE DOWN – you have to help your Jonangi dog to lie down for the first times in order to let it get used to the position. You can do that by pushing the dog down on its shoulder blades or by pulling the dog leash diagonally towards the dog’s back until it lies down. After the dog gets used to the position try to distract the dog with its favorite toy until the distraction item has no effect on the dog. All Jonangi dog training methods are based on positive reinforcement which has an important effect on the dog’s future behavior.

STAND – teach your Jonangi dog to stand by holding first the dog collar and give the verbal command at the same time with pulling the collar onwards in a gentle manner. When the dog is in the position keep it there for 20 seconds and then repeat the exercise until the dog will be able to associate words with the position.