Kangal Training

About This Breed

The Kangal dog is a Turkish canine and it was named after the Kangal district of Sivas Province from Turkey . The dog has another four alternative names, which are: Karabash, Turkish Kangal dog, Kangal Kopegi and Sivas Kangal Kopegi. This kind of dog is quite a big animal with the measurements of 72-86 centimeters in its height and the weight of 41-66 kg. The fur is short and thick, mostly colored in tan with black mask. Normally the dog is used as a guardian dog so it is required to undergo a specific Kangal dog training for this purpose. There is evidence that the dog lives with flocks defending the sheep herds from wolves and jackals but it is also a very good family guardian, developing a very strong bond especially with kids. A basic Kangal dog training is also recommended for this type of dog breed.

How to train a Kangal dog in Austin

There is plenty of information that you can collect about how to train a Kangal dog, such as the length of the training process, how often to work with the dog and also what methods are recommended to be used during Kangal dog training. It is important to take into consideration the dog’s temperament before deciding the Kangal dog training program. It is also important to have some prior mettle tests which can give exact information about how to train your Kangal dog. You can also sort out the communication problems that may occur in the dog-master relationship if you follow a proper and specific Kangal dog training. Humans have to understand perfectly their dogs’ way of thinking and to put themselves in the animal’s shoes because of the most frequent and severe error is the one when people consider that dogs think the same way they do.

Basic Kangal dog training commands in Austin

You need to make sure that you place a dog collar and a dog leash around the dog’s neck before starting the Kangal dog the four basic commands. Training Kangal dogs these basic commands is of a great importance, especially because the dog will get new and more improved behaviors towards its master and other people.

SIT – teach your Kangal dog the sit command by pulling up the dog leash at the same time with pushing the dog down from its back until it sits. If the dog doesn’t want to sit then take a firm grip on the leash and pull it onwards. After you manage to have your dog to sit, compliment it with words so that the dog will get more self-confidence in the future. This way you will let your Kangal dog associate words with the position.

STAY – after your Kangal dog knows how to sit, ask it to stay while you stand in front of the dog with the dog leash above its head. In case the dog wants to get up pull the leash upwards so that it won’t be able to do that. Keep it in the position for a short while and then repeat the command until you get prompt responses every time. Kangal dog training methods use assertive techniques which have important effect on the dog’s future behaviors.

LIE DOWN – for the first times you have to help your Kangal dog to lie down. Place your own hand on the dog’s shoulder blades and push down gently until it lies down. After the dog responds positively to this command, use the dog leash for the same purpose, of having the dog lie down. Pull the leash in a diagonal way towards the dog’s behind at the same time with giving the verbal command. In a short while you will notice that your dog will execute the command without needing your help.

STAND – teaching your Kangal dog the stand command is almost similar to the methods used for the previous commands which were presented above. Hold the dog collar and give the stand command while pulling forward the leash as gently as possible. Keep the dog in the position for 20 seconds and then let it move. Work on the command until you are satisfied with the dog’s responses every time.