Korea Jindo Training

About This Breed


These kinds of dogs were initially bred in Jindo Island , North Korea , several centuries ago. The Jindo dog’s weight is between 11 to 23 kg and the height is 41-65 centimeters. These dogs have a very nice and cute general aspect, with double fur, which can be white, yellow, red, white and red, brown with white or black with brown. Being a hunting dog, Korea Jindo dog training might take pretty much time because of the specific lessons which are supposed to develop the dog’s hunting abilities. The Jindo’s temperament may vary in accordance with the mating quality and the environment. The typical dog is a very affectionate and devoted dog but a little bit distant with strangers. But generally, the Korea Jindo dog training program is a very pleasant and challenging activity.

How to train a Korea Jindo dog in Austin

A very important aspect that you need to know about Korea Jindo dog training is that these dogs are pretty independent and that will require of you more attention to the way you approach the dog in order to gain its trust from the very beginning. If you access some specialized internet websites you will easily notice that there is a lot of information about how to train a Korea Jindo dog. You may have some other options in getting a proper Korea Jindo dog training, whether you hire a trainer or buy specific books, DVDs, videocassettes and so on. It doesn’t matter what option you will choose, the most important thing is to cautiously put in practice the step by step information about how to train a Korea Jindo dog and then you will get the results you expected to get, after undergoing the Korea Jindo dog training program. It is believed that you can get visible results in your dog’s behavior even from the first day of training and that happens only if you undergo a proper Korea Jindo dog training program.

Basic Korea Jindo dog training commands in Austin

SIT – before you start training the Korea Jindo dogs the following 4 basic commands you have to place a dog collar and a dog leash around your dog’s neck. After you do that, haul the leash up while pushing the dog down on its back until it sits. If you can’t make it sit pull the leash upwards firmly until it is really in the position. Praise the dog but don’t lei it get up only after a while. Within a short period of time you will notice remarkable improvements in your dog’s behavior.

STAY – teach your Korea Jindo dog the stay command after it is able to sit by itself. When the dog is in the sitting position, ask it to stay while you are standing with the dog leash above its head. After a short while, when you think it can really execute the command, try to distract the animal’s attention with its favorite toy and see how it reacts. Keep working on the command until the distraction has no effect on your dog’s command execution.

LIE DOWN – you can teach your Korea Jindo dog the third basic command by using two different options which has the effect of making the dog lie down. Use the dog leash pulled diagonally towards the dog’s behind or push the dog down from its shoulder blades until the dog will lie down. It is very important to give the verbal command while you help the dog get in the position and then to praise it with words for better cooperation. Korea Jindo dog training is made in such a way to increase the dog’s will through out the whole relationship between the dog, trainer and its master.

STAND – the last basic command is a very easy exercise which can be performed on Korea Jindo dogs. If you hold the dog collar at first and give the command while pulling the collar forward you will make your dog stand. Keep it still in the position for a short while and then repeat the exercise until you are satisfied with its responses every time.