Northern Inuit Training

About This Breed

The main characteristics of Northern Inuit training rely on this breed’s natural ability to respond to the commands of their leader. Northern Inuit dogs have a strong and robust physical appearance and are considered some of the most disciplined dogs. They are mostly used for sled pulling, in their original environment and respond well to firm and gentle dog training methods. Although this particular breed does not have the same desire for affection as other breeds, Inuit dogs still require proper socialization and family bonding. However, Northern Inuit training programs should also include several one on one activities between dog and owner. When the dog recognizes the owner as the leader of the pack, training will go smoother and the dog will be quick to respond to commands.

Tips for training Northern Inuit dogs in Austin

  • These strong dogs have excellent stamina, make sure their training routines include a lot of physical exercise, otherwise the dog will loose interest
  • Before teaching the dog any commands try to bond with him for a few days.
  • Aggressive training is never recommended. However, the Northern Inuit training program has to be firmer than that used for a Daschund for example, as a response to the rugged personality this dog breed exhibits.
  • Although these dogs mostly howl like wolves, rather than bark, you can apply general anti-barking training.
  • Consistency in the Northern Inuit training program is of utmost importance, otherwise the dog will loose the trust invested in his owner and start disobeying commands.