Old Danish Pointer Training

About This Breed

The Old Danish Pointer is a dog of Danish tradition and has the special skills of a hunting dog including excellent scent and great energy and obedience to their owner while hunting. The Old Danish Pointer dog training is not a difficult task due to the friendly and quiet nature of this dog breed. The Old Danish Pointer dog training does not include special requirements, this breed -also called Old Danish Bird Dog or the Gamle Dansk Honsehund, being a lovely family dog and affectionate companion. The Old Danish Pointer is a clever dog having a rectangular massive shape. The colours of this Danish breed are variations of white with brown spots of different sizes.

How to train an Old Danish Pointer in Austin

As any other puppy, the Old Danish Pointer pup needs to be played with, and playing with your new dog will be the main part of the Old Danish Bird Dog puppy training. Training the Old Danish Pointer includes jumping up and down, running after a toy-prey, and stalking. This can be good exercise for the puppy trained for hunting purposes. If you only want a housedog, than your puppy can easily be happy with a minimum of exercise, still don’t forget to give enough space to your dog, a simple small dog crate won’t be enough for this Danish dog breed.

The Old Danish Bird Dog easily takes orders from its handler when taken by the leash but it reacts to anything in motion, having a strong prey drive. You may often find the dog collar becoming a mere decorative thing. Training the Old Danish Pointer must take into account its prey drive, and in case you only want the Gamle Dansk Honsehund as a housedog, make sure you give it enough activities, even if these activities are just games, it will make your friend happy and healthy. A dog-friendly training will lead you to the best results when training the Old Danish Pointer. Also don’t forget that the Old Danish Pointer needs its fur to be brushed regularly and must be taken to the vet for periodical ear-checks.