Old English Sheepdog Training

About This Breed

The Old English Sheepdog is a long-furred dog, very pleasant to the sight also known as the Dulux dog because of the paint advertisements. The Old Sheepdog Training will be really fun, though hard at the beginning, due to the dog’s strong-willed personality. The Old English Sheepdog will be always willing to play, being an energetic and intelligent dog used for multiple tasks including herding, search and rescue. It will give you lots of affection as well as much fun, due to its always-jovial looks. When you consider training the Old English Sheepdog, you must take into account that like most dogs, the Dulux dog will only do tricks for treats, but unlike other breeds, the Old English will do more tricks that are complex and catchy. Due to its huge amount of fur, you must know that the Old English Sheepdog needs regular grooming, at least once a week.

How to train an Old English Sheepdog in Austin

The training of the Old English Sheepdog must start at a very early stage in the puppy’s life, ideally before the dog is six months old, as this breed has a very turbulent behavior if not given appropriate training. The puppy must receive physical as well as mental exercise in order to obey the handler. The basics- SIT, DOWN, COME and STAY are commands that are a must on a daily basis. You may wet or put some mud on the dog’s fur (which is waterproof anyway) when using these commands, and the commands will work wonders. When training the puppy to answer your commands you may show the puppy a piece of food, drawing it down for a bit while you say SIT.

To get your puppy use to the DOWN command, just place some food on the floor, and drag it on the floor for a bit, while pushing the puppy’s shoulders as you say DOWN. If you want to know how to train the Old English Sheepdog how to come to you, use a treat and say COME, after that another person must call the dog, of course using again kind of reward. Using food will help your dog develop its skills and understanding easier. Don’t worry, your dog won’t become obese, as, although this breed looks big, the adult Old English Sheepdog won’t be a big eater.

Although strong-willed, the puppy will learn in no time, as it will want to please their handler. Once it learned the commands, you will need to find variations for the commanding scenario, as the Old English Sheepdog will ask for that, and you don’t want to bore an intelligent dog.

Another important issue to train the Dulux dog is the exercise, this breed needs plenty of exercise and as varied as possible because of its herding background. Some good exercise examples are searching for a toy, playing hide and seek, opening boxes to find treats.

The puppies will have more energy than adults, and if you don’t give them enough space, you might find your home destroyed by the dog. But careful, do not exercise with your dog when the weather is hot, because of the huge amount of fur will overheat the dog. When training the English sheepdog, make sure you offer them the possibility to socialize with other dogs.