Otterhound Training

About This Breed

Basic OtterHound Training in Austin

If you are curious how to train the OtterHound, the obedience training will probably give the best results. Being a very stubborn dog, the Otterhound dog training requires variety, consistency and patience from your side. Be gentle when training the puppy, it will not respond to firm training. You will need to encourage your dog after a well-done activity, the most common techniques include giving them a treat, a pat or even verbal praise will reassure your pet and give it confidence. To train the Otterhound get used to unfamiliar objects or persons without reacting excessively, just use a well-known command like Sit or Stay. If you want to train you Otterhound properly, try not to smoothen your dog when he is nervous or scared because of unfamiliar persons or situations; the dog will think you praise its behavior or that you are as scared as they are, so you will encourage his aggressiveness. Remain the master of the situation, don’t encourage this attitude, and use a firm tone of voice, the dog will soon learn how to behave in similar situations.

Another thing that is important for the Otterhound’s well being is a large playing space or a yard. The Otterhound dog training includes daily long lasting exercise. You may include swimming as well as running or any other imaginative activity.