Papillon Dog Training

About This Breed

The Papillon dog belongs to the Gun Dog group, being also called the Continental Toy Spaniel. Despite the size of this breed, the Papillon dog training will require attention in the aggressiveness area, as the dog tends to be very protective, reacting to any noise. This small dog breed is very friendly, intelligent, it will give you plenty of affection and it is fun having. Its ears having the aspect of butterfly wings will always amuse you. The Papillon dog training must consider that this dog is tougher than it looks, being a very athletic dog in spite of its appearance.

How to Train the Papillon Dog in Austin

As said before, the Papillon dog training will include much exercise. The Continental Toy Spaniel can also be trained to do small tricks, if taught from an early age. But remember to give your Papillon treats when one trick is successfully learnt.

The puppy will be easy to train as a rule. Special attention must be placed on the temperament of the Papillon, as it is very resentful to outsiders and any noise, thinking that he has to guard the owner’s possessions. This is why they might not be a good choice for people living in flats. To improve the aggressiveness problem, you might train the puppy not to react to every noise, by reassuring it that everything is normal and you can do this by distracting the pup with a chew toy or some food.

In the Papillon dog training you must know that they enjoy your affection and that they can be lovely therapy dogs for the elderly or for people with disabilities. The Continental Toy Spaniel dog is mainly a companion dog, being a breed specially designed for this job.