Peekapoo Training

About This Breed

The Pekeapoo or as other call it, the Peekapoo, is a very small dog, being a crossbreed between the Poodle and the Pekingese. It is an American breed of dog and the Pekeapoo dog training will give you no head aches, as this dog is obedient and gives positive feedback in short time. The Pekeapoo is a very affectionate companion, but also likes to get much affection from their owners. These lovely dogs are very independent and proud, being very amusing and offering a rewarding companionship. The Pekeapoo is conscious of its cute looks, and behaves accordingly. The Peekapoo dog training program has to include a great amount of socializing, as this breed likes tthe company of other pets and humans.

How to Train a Peekapoo in Austin

When you get a Pekeapoo puppy, make sure it gets all your affection. While training the Pekeapoo consider the fact that this mixed breed is very intelligent, so you don’t have to repeat a training lesson too many times. The Peekapoo is very receptive and will learn very quickly the Sit and Stay or Come commands. Your pet will need moderate exercise that can be done indoors or outdoors. The Pekeapoo will be a great apartment dog due to its size, but make sure you take the dog for walks as well; they love to be around nature and other dogs or animals and children. The obedience training gives best results for this breed. The Peekapoo dog training is a fast process, the obedience of this dog is high and if you encounter any problems they will be solved quickly. The Peekapoo is a loyal, friendly and rewarding dog.