Perdiguero de Burgos Training

About This Breed

Perdiguero de Burgos Dog Training will be not a difficulty for dog fans. The Perdiguero de Burgos is a breed of dog originating in Spain, and this is why it is also called the Spanish Pointer. Perdiguero de Burgos dog training will involve work with a very robust, muscular dog, so it must contain plenty of exercise. The coat of this breed is short, soft and dense. The main colors of hair are white and liver, and these colors are spread irregularly over the body. The Perdiguero de Burgos will make an excellent hunting dog, but it is not advisable to buy one if you want to keep it in an apartment.

The Spanish Pointer has very well developed sense of smell, sight and hearing, having qualified in the past for hunting deer.

How to Train the Perdiguero de Burgos in Austin

If you want to train a gun dog like the Spanish Pointer remember it needs little attention from your side, but as much exercise as possible, otherwise the Perdiguero de Burgos may become aggressive and destructive. The Perdiguero de Burgos dog training program is based on obedience training. You can train the Spanish Pointer to swim or look for game in the water as well. In training the Perdiguero de Burgos you will wonder how fast the dog learns the Sit, Stay or Fetch commands. They even do it for free; treats are not needed, this breed of dog is really happy to please you. The Perdiguero de Burgos is very calm and quiet and will become your hunting best buddy.