Perro Cimarron Training

About This Breed

The Perro Cimarron is Uruguay ‘s pride dog breed. The Perro Cimarron dog training schedule will be a lengthy process. The Perro Cimarron is usually used for hunting wild boars, being a herd guard when needed, but it makes a great watchdog. Perro Cimarron dog training may seem quite difficult, because this breed is known to be really ferocious with humans or other animals. The Cimarron is a calm, balanced, skilful and very brave dog, but it tends to be very dominant. It makes a great aid in hunting campaigns, and will bark only if there are reasons for it. It is a dog of average size with dark color fur and dark eyes.

How to Train a Perro Cimarron in Austin

When considering buying a Cimarron , you have to consider that the Perro Cimarron dog training will take some time and it must be started at a very early age in the dog’s life. The puppy will be easier to train, but even the puppy has a dominant behavior. Perro Cimarron dog training must be done with plenty of calm and strong words are not needed. The Perro Cimarron must feel that its master is stronger than he is, and he also feels if the master is irritated. You have to know that there is a reason for the meaning of the word Cimarron – that in South American countries designates savage animal, opposed to servant. The Perro Cimarron will be trained for a long period of time, as it likes to challenge its owner. One thing is still worth being considered, don’t view your Cimarron as an adversary, and just try to offer obedience training, thus shaping the Perro’s behavior.