Rat Terrier Training

About This Breed

Rat Terrier dog training will not be a problem for Terrier fans. This breed of dog has a high trainability due to its intelligence and receptiveness. The Rat Terrier is often mistaken for a Jack Russel Terrier, but the difference between the two breeds lies in the level of aggressiveness, the Rat Terrier’s temperament being milder and easier to train. The Rat Terrier is full of energy and is always willing to take part in whatever you undertake. It will offer affection, and Rat Terrier dog training will make it possible for this breed to get along just fine with children. The Rat Terriers are sometimes too stubborn, and this will give you some headaches when training. This breed will be an excellent watchdog but will be friendly with strangers.

How to Train a Rat Terrier in Austin

The Rat Terrier is calmer and quieter than a Jack Russel Terrier. Despite this, when training the Rat Terrier don’t forget that you still deal with a Terrier. So it will have a strong will and respond only if the dog wants it. Try to train the Rat Terrier from puppyhood, and you will make your life easier. You may also train your dog to perform tricks, but don’t forget they need to be praised and given treats, otherwise you’ll get no response. If you start to train the Rat Terrier, expect immediate reaction from your dog, it will be very attentive to commands, assimilating them in no time. The Rat Terrier dog training program requires at least half an hour of exercise a day.