Red Setter Dog Training

About This Breed

The Red Setter is a gundog, being a variant of the Irish Setter. Red Setter dog training is recommended from an early age. The Red Setter has a lovely appearance, having silky fur and being a very well proportioned dog. The Red Setter can be trained to be a hunting aid but can easily adapt to family life, provided it will get enough space for running and exercise. The Red Setters are highly intelligent and full of energy, and this is the reason why it is not recommended for apartment life, but will be more than happy in a spacious yard. Here are some Red Setter dog training tips:

How to Train a Red Setter in Austin

If you want to achieve the best results, try training your Red Setter from puppyhood. If you will fail to train the Red Setter from an early stage, its stubborn temperament will take you over. To train the Red Setter, the obedience training is necessary. This breed of dog has a very well developed smell sense, so it will react to almost anything approaching it, so you must try to distract the attention of your dog, otherwise, the dog might get easily lost. Training the Red Setter requires patience and constancy. The dog must learn that you are the boss, and once this task is accomplished, the Red Setter will be your obedient and affectionate friend.

Remember that the Red Setter dog training program will provide the Setter with plenty of exercises, at least once a day. It is best to give your dog a variety of different games to play, as it needs a constant challenge.

During Red Setter dog training, you should not worry about the behavior of this dog with other dogs or children, because it is a very friendly animal.