Rough Collie Training

About This Breed

The Rough Collie or the Lassie dog, as it is usually called due to the TV series it appeared in, originates in Scotland. Rough Collie dog training will be relatively easy, due to the calm and gentle temperamental traits of this breed of dog. The Collie is very intelligent and responsive to good treatment. The Rough Collie is also famous for its good orientation sense, being able to return home even from long distances. It has long fur, available in more colors ranging from white to sandy and golden or sometimes black. The Rough Collie dog training routine will be fun as you will get positive feedback in a short period of time.

How to Train a Rough Collie – obedience training in Austin

The Rough Collie puppies can be easily trained at home, you can teach them use the crate or to walk on leash. If the puppy is older than 10 weeks these tasks will be successfully performed in as little as one week. So any member of the family can deal with Rough Collie dog training. Still, Collies don’t do quite well with strangers, unless trained to overcome its over-protectiveness.

When you want to train your Rough Collie, bear in mind that it is important to vary the tone of your voice. The basic obedience training of the Rough Collie is required, and combined with some amount of exercise will give you the best results in the Rough Collie dog training. Fetching the ball is one of the favorites games of the Rough Collie, so try practicing it as much as possible. You may replace the ball with a piece of wood or a rubber toy, to change the routine, and your dog will surely appreciate that. The Lassie dog will be quite amusing for the family, being a very good nanny for the children as well.