Russian Hound Training

About This Breed

How to train a Russian Hound in Austin

The Russian Hound is a tall and elegant, short-coated dog, available in yellow or red spread with markings in some cases. It belongs to the Hound group and is very popular in Russia. Russian Hound dog training is a pleasant activity due to the quiet and balanced temperament of this breed. The Russian Hound is a very speedy dog, and also an excellent scent hound, great for hunting. It is a very resistant dog, being able to run long distances without getting tired. The Russian aristocracy used to breed the Russian Hounds along the Borzoi dog breed for a long period of time.

The Russian Hound is also a very brave dog, being suitable as a house pet as well as a hunting aid. Russian Hound obedience dog training must involve plenty of exercise in spacious yards or open spaces to run or walk.