Russian Toy Terrier Training

About This Breed

Russian Toy Terrier dog training – tips and breed specifics: The Russian Toy Terrier is a unique looking minuscule dog. The Russian Toy Terrier, known earlier as Moscow Toy Terrier, has the looks of a deer; the difference lies in the height that is between 8 and 11 inches. The standards of this breed say that the smaller the dog the better.

The Russian Toy Terrier is available in two types: longhaired and smooth haired, the colors of the hair ranging from black and tan to red or sable. Being like any other toy dog, the Russian Toy Terrier dog training will be easy, no special care is required. The training of the Russian Toy Terrier is fun also because this tiny dog is intelligent and affectionate. It will make a great apartment dog.

How to Train the Russian Toy Terrier in Austin

If you ask yourself how to train the Russian Toy Terrier, just think about the size of this dog, it will be easy to teach. This breed tends to be very devoted and will always want to please you, so when training the Moscow Toy Terrier to make sure it gets praise as often as possible. Obedience training is recommended for the Russian Toy Terrier.

Due to its size, most of the owners want to carry their pets, but actually the Russian Toy Terrier need some exercise as part of their training. It enjoys anything that is playful and involves staying with their master. Try to train the Russian Toy Terrier to wear a collar, it will easily get used to it if given from an early age. The Moscow Toy Terrier is not an aggressive type, so when training your pet don’t worry too much about correcting this feature. The Russian Toy Terrier is not as jealous as the Pekingese. Russian Toy Terrier dog training must include moderate socializing, but this breed usually behaves naturally with any other dogs, despite the tiny size.