Russo-European Laika Training

About This Breed

In most cases, Russo-European Laika dog training requires some attention from your side, but usually, its trainability is high. The Russo-European Laika, or also known as the Russko-Evropeïskaïa Laïka is mainly a hunting dog, but becomes very attached to the master and may be a good watchdog. The fur of this breed is mainly white, with black spots, but it may be also black with white spots. The Russo-European Laika dog training must start when the puppy is 4 weeks old. The Russo can become aggressive, but only towards strangers, being very protective of its family and home. This breed of dog was popular in Finland and Russia, �laika’ in Russian meaning barker.

How to Train a Russo-European Laika in Austin

If you have a Laika puppy, don’t wait until it gets older than 4 weeks to start Russo-European Laika dog training. Also, remember that this puppy will be very attached to the first owner, so if you get a dog that is older than 8 months, it will probably want to return to the first people that took care of it. The Russko-Evropeïskaïa Laika is an independent and courageous dog, being of great help in hunting. It will bark at the game- the game will freeze instantly, and the hunter will be able to shoot the bear, elk or boar that has been hunted. Russo-European Laika dog training requires socializing with different dogs and people, the Laika being reticent when petted by strangers. They will also bark a lot when confronted with new people. They do not bite as a rule. The Russo-European Laika must be trained to leave cats and poultry alone because they tend to attack small animals. The Laika usually behaves well with children. The Russo-European Laika dog training program must include exercise, as this dog needs to train its muscles and the only exercise will keep it healthy.