Saarloos Wolfhound Training

About This Breed

Experts agree that Saarloos wolfhond dog training will be quite difficult because of the origins of this breed. It is a kind of wolf, the Saarloos wolfhond meaning Saarlos wolf dog in Dutch. This breed has kept the strong wolf pack instincts. The Saarlos Wolf Dog belongs to the Herding group of dogs. The origins of the breed lay in the Netherlands, the �father’ of the breed being the Dutch scientist Leendert Saarloos. The Saarlooswolfhond is a powerful dog, and has a harmonious configuration, being available in creamy white, brown and gray. The Saarloos wolfhond dog training program requires patience and understanding, because this breed tends to be very shy and cautious.

How to Train the Saarloos Wolfhound in Austin

If you want to know how to train the Saarlooswolfhond, you must respect the need for space of this breed. Be careful, the wolf dog might panic when closed in small spaces.

You also might consider that this dog will be the happiest if given another companion, so you might want to buy another Saarloos wolf dog to offer, pack’conditions. When performing Saarlooswolfhond dog training, keep in mind that the obedience training won’t make any difference, this breed being very stubborn. What your dog needs while training, is a strong leader, make sure your Saarlooswolfhond is conscious that you are the boss. Meanwhile, you have to provide a friendly atmosphere when doing the Saarlooswolfhond dog training. Don’t leave your dog on its own for too long, as it tends to get anti-social. Try to socialize it with other dogs and small animals from a young age. Try to spend as much time as possible with your Saarlooswolfhond in order to correct its shyness. The Saarlooswolfhond dog training requires consistent exercise that is done on a regular basis. If properly trained, the Saarlooswolfhonds can be used as guide dogs for the blind or even as rescue dogs.