Sabueso Espanol Training

About This Breed

Here are some interesting Sabueso Espanol dog training tips: The Sabueso Espanol or the Spanish Hound is a very cheerful dog, frequently used for hunting small and large game. Sabueso Espanol dog training is a relatively easy task, due to the warm temperament of this dog. The Sabueso Espanol is a very energetic dog, being a medium sized dog, available in white or orange. The Sabueso Espanol has long ears and a tender, lovable gaze. The Spanish Hound dog training will require a lot of exercise, so make sure you offer your dog enough space. The Sabueso Espanol can easily become obese; so take special attention in the dog’s diet.

How to Train a Sabueso Espanol in Austin

If you want to know how to train the Sabueso Espanol, keep in mind that this breed is mainly used for hunting purposes, so if you want the Spanish Hound only as a pet, you must offer alternative activities to your dog. Otherwise it may become destructive to your home. The Sabueso Espanol will be easily taught commands like Sit, Come or Fetch. The Sabueso Espanol will be more than happy to please you.

In the Sabueso Espanol dog training program try to include plenty of exercise. Try to play a lot with your dog, but make sure to diversify the commands you give your dog, because it may get bored after a while. After all, you are dealing with an intelligent animal.

In some cases, there may be some aggressiveness problems with children or other animals, so make sure you avoid this by including socializing in the Sabueso Espanol dog training. However, the Spanish Hound will become the family’s best friend, and a gentle companion, not to mention that he will be a great hunter.