Tamaskan Training

About This Breed

The Tamaskan is a big, muscular dog. It is a very rare breed, and looks almost like a wolf, being still a dog. Tamaskan dog training can be quite simple, as the breed does not show signs of aggression. It will be a very friendly dog, despite its wolf-like looks, having thick coat, small ears and wolf-like tail. The Tamaskan dog training schedule must be diversified, because this breed of dog is very intelligent and will get bored quickly. The word Tamaskan means Mighty Wolf or Strong Wolf. Despite this, the Tamaskan Dog will behave naturally with children and other animals, being a pleasant companion.

How to Train a Tamaskan Dog in Austin

If you want to know how to train a Tamaskan Dog, keep in mind that this breed of dog does not like to be left on its own. If you do so, it will become destructive and have temperamental problems.

Otherwise, the Tamaskan Dog training may rely on obedience training. The Tamaskan Dog can be trained to jump, to weave poles, to sit and stay. You can send away and recall the dog in order to make it understand you are the master. Praise your dog if it deserves it.

It is a good idea to grow this dog with another dog companion; this will please your pet.

Sometimes while doing the Tamaskan training, you may encounter stubbornness, but try to be patient and persuasive to correct this problem. Remember, Tamaskans like to play, and will consider games as rewards, so use them as often as possible.

The Tamaskans will also need some exercise on a daily basis, and will be happy to have at least a small yard where to play and jump freely.