Utonagan Training

About This Breed

Despite the wolf-like appearance of this dog, Utonagan dog training won’t be so difficult. It looks like a real wolf  but surely behaves like a nice dog. The Utonagan is a crossbreed between the German Shepherd, the Siberian Husky and the Alaskan Malmute, borrowing some important features from each. When proceeding with the Utonagan dog training, make sure you are aware of the calm nature of this dog.

The Utonagan is a very muscular dog, well balanced and is available in gray, cream or brown and even white.

How to Train the Utonagan in Austin

If you want to know how to train the Utonagan, you may try some basic obedience training. The crate training of the puppy will not last for too long, the Utonagan being an intelligent dog that learns fast.

If the dog does not perform according to your commands, try correcting this by pulling lightly the leash or the collar.

The Utonagan dog training won’t need too much yelling and correction. Sometimes this dog may be a bit stubborn, so this is an area you must work on.

This dog is a very quiet one, and won’t react even if challenged.

Don’t leave your dog on its own for too long, it may become destructive or even try to escape. If it is possible, try to train the Utonagan along other dogs, or even offer a permanent dog companion to play with.

Make sure the Utonagan dog training includes exercise on a daily basis, which is important for your dog’s well being. We hope you enjoyed these Utonagan dog training tips and tricks and you will put them to use with your pet.