Valley Bulldog Training

About This Breed

Valley Bulldog training tips and tricks: The Valley Bulldog looks like the English Bulldog, but is bigger than the English Bulldog, and resembles also a Boxer, being a bit smaller. The Valley Bulldog dog training might take into consideration the relationships between these breeds. The Valley Bulldog is available in different colors including black, white, tan or red.

The Valley Bulldog dog training will be easy if started from an early age. The temperament of this dog is pleasant, calm and tender but have sometimes moments when they just want to play and are very alert. They like to behave silly, just to make you cheerful. The Valley Bulldog may be a good watchdog if you are looking for one.

How to Train a Valley Bulldog in Austin

If you want to know how to train a Valley Bulldog, remember that this breed is a very strong dog, being a Mastiff type, so you will have to be very dominant when dealing with your dog.

The Valley Bulldog is a highly intelligent breed, and can be easily crate-trained. It will disobey to walk on a leash at first, because they tend to be stubborn at times. But be patient and you’ll get good results.

If trained properly, the Valley Bulldog is a not aggressive, and can be a very nice playmate for your children or other animals.

You must offer attention and affection to your dog, because the Valley Bulldog craves for affection and is the happiest when is with its owners. If you fail to offer the attention the Valley Bulldog needs, it may get depressed.

The Valley Bulldog adapts well to indoor life, but requires some amount of exercise to keep fit and healthy.