Volpino Italiano Training

About This Breed

Volpino Italiano dog training resources: The Volpino Italiano is a very rare breed. The breed originates in Italy, having a lovely appearance. Volpino Italiano dog training will be difficult, because this breed of dog has a strong personality. This dog is available in pure white, and has long, hard-textured hair. It has a long tail, always curled over the back. The Volpino Italiano is a Spitz dog. It may be an excellent guard dog. The artist Michelangelo is said to have owned a Volpino once. The Volpino Italiano is full of life and is a very happy dog that will cheer you with its fluffy looks.

How to train a Volpino Italiano in Austin

In case you wonder how to train the Volpino Italiano, consider starting the training as early as possible, when the dog is still very willing to learn new things. Even though the Volpino Italiano is an affectionate dog, it has a strong will and acts accordingly. This is the reason why you should train your puppy from an early age, because the puppies are more flexible.

Your puppy will not enjoy the crate training, but will learn in a relatively short time. The Volpino Italiano will not like to walk on a leash, but try to get it used to this.

The Volpino Italiano will bark at any strange noise and at new people. If this barking irritates you, try to give some activities to your dog that will keep it busy- try with chew toys.

Volpino Italiano dog training must be firm and constant.

The Volpino Italiano is a good playmate for children if properly trained, and will behave well with other dogs or animals.